Analyzing Traffic as well as E-Commerce Transactions on your SuperSite 2 and PartnerSite via Google Analytics

Apart from just knowing the number of visitors reaching your SuperSite 2 / PartnerSite, it is important to also analyze the traffic visiting your site as it allows you to market your website better. Some of the clear benefits of such analysis are:

  • Evaluate your SuperSite 2 / PartnerSite performance in search engines e.g., which keywords people search for in search engines to reach your site


  • View the visitor's path i.e., the pages the visitor navigates through


  • Ability to categorize your visitors by geographic location


  • Capturing e-commerce transactions through your SuperSite 2

Google Analytics (Anchor: googleanalytics) is a reporting software which shows you how people found your site, how they explored it, and how you can enhance their visitor experience. It provides powerful tracking for websites. It provides in-depth reports for everyone involved in the running of a website, from the developers and designers to the marketing and management teams.

The following links would help you in signing up and integrating your Google Analytics tracking code in your SuperSite 2 / PartnerSite:

Integrating Google Analytics Tracking Code in my SuperSite 2 / PartnerSite

  1. Login to your SuperSite 2 / PartnerSite Admin Area. See details

  2. Under the My Languages section for SuperSite 2 or My Language PartnerSites section for PartnerSite, click the Manage Site button individually besides each Language SuperSite 2 / PartnerSite.

  3. Then click the Edit Content button.

  4. At the bottom of the page, click the Edit link besides the Root.html file.

  5. Copy and paste the following Google Analytics tracking code, in the Your Content textbox immediately before the closing </head> tag.

    ga('create', 'UA-xxxxx-x', 'auto', {'name': 'newTracker'}); // New tracker
    ga('newTracker.send', 'pageview'); // Send page view for new tracker

  6. Click the Save Changes button.

  • xxxxx-x: Represents the Google Analytics Account number and needs to be replaced with your Account number. It can be obtained by generating the tracking code from within your Google Analytics control panel.

  • If you are using an older version of Google Analytics, you need to upgrade to the latest version of Universal Analytics in order to use the above code.

  • For Support related to Google Analytics, you will have to contact Google directly. See details

  • If you have enabled multiple Languages for your SuperSite 2 / PartnerSite, you would have to repeat the above mentioned process for each of these.